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    Apr 28, 2017
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    • Age: 14

    • Language(s): only English at the moment I am learning a little Spanish and I might soon be learning German

    • Availability: on weekdays maybe 1-3 hours a day? if not more but I am pretty busy, on weekends maybe 4 hours

    • Position requesting: possibly developer or admin, I am learning to code, I think I will be able too help a lot

    • Time played on AddictsMC: not that long because I was browsing servers too help out and develop with them and I found this one, I instantly loved it, but I think I could help and would break the record for the longest time on the server:)

    • Experience managing/moderating a server: I used to own 2 servers(both got shut down do to being unpopular and I kind of left it too help my friend develop his, I was co owner on that. I have been staff on 14 other servers, some decently big and some not so big. I am usually a hit when I become staff and earn promotions in weeks.

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